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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Twenty-two years of web design and hosting expertise. Excellent customer relations and helpdesk / technical support abilities. Thrives on solving clients’ issues and establishing rapport for long-term relationships.


  • Web Host
    • cPanel + CloudLinux + CageFS
    • Ubuntu, CentOS
    • apache, mysql
  • Web Design
    • WordPress + Divi
    • Bootstrap
    • PHP
    • HTML/CSS
    • Photoshop
  • Helpdesk
    • Windows 3.1-10
    • Microsoft Office
    • Chat + Email preferred

Desired Employment

My wife and I are moving to Orlando because we feel drawn to the city. She is pursuing theatrical jobs, and I am pursuing technical jobs.

I am seeking a company to utilize my multiple decades of experience assisting clients with technical solutions to their technical needs. I love helping people and solving problems. I love learning new technologies and using my years of experience to improve the experiences for end users.

I am a team player; professional, but easy going. I work well with others but am responsible to complete tasks on my own. I have experience working for companies as well as working for myself.

I’m more interested in developing a long term relationship with a company than the specific job title or duties. I have extensive experience with web hosting, web design, and helpdesk. I would be an ideal candidate for a company needing someone with experience with all three areas; but I would be an asset to any company that needs any one of those three job functions.

I’m not afraid of learning new things, nor of sharing my accumulated knowledge with others.

Don’t let technology get you frustrated. Hire me to help instead.

Experience — Panama City, FL
Owner, Web Designer, Web Hosting (2006 – Present)

Provide web hosting for more than 200 websites using cPanel + CloudLinux + CageFS server for individuals, small businesses, and web designers. Design websites for clients and assist designer clients with site designs. Computer repair of laptops and desktop including virus removals and OS reinstallations.

Bajito Onda — Dallas, TX
Web Designer (2002-2004)

Design and host websites for clients of the Bajito Onda print shop. Technology included WordPress, HTML/CSS/PHP. Web hosting on self-managed dedicated server running cPanel.

Texas Instruments — Dallas, TX
Internal Helpdesk Technician (2001-2002)

Provide helpdesk and technical support for internal company website.

Microsoft — Dallas, TX
Email Technical Support (1999-2001)

Provide email-based technical support for Windows 95/98 and all included applications.

(Various technical contracts)
Web Design, Helpdesk, Technical Support, Customer Service (1995-1999)
  • Helpdesk: Aetna, F.D.I.C., Interstate Batteries
  • Technical Support: CompuServe, Hewlett-Packard
  • Web Design: M.A.G.I.C. (recruiting agency umbrella company)
  • Customer Service: AT&T

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